About us

MTK wholesale is a family business founded in 1990 in Radom, a city that for many years was the center of the textile and footwear industry in Poland. As a young couple, we dreamed of becoming independent, so as soon as the opportunity arose, we decided to open our own company, and the leather industry seemed to be a perfect choice. We consistently learned sales techniques, established contacts with suppliers and customers, expanded our offer. Finally, our activities began to bring results. Self-employment gave us satisfaction and contentment, and it remains so to this day.

Despite the changing conditions of the industry and business environment, we still want to offer our customers the best quality products and service at the highest level. We have at our disposal modern machinery and technologies that enable the production of leather in many colors, thicknesses, and grains. This allows us to be a reliable business partner that guarantees efficient order fulfillment and successful cooperation.

We dedicate our offer primarily to clothing manufacturers, but also to the footwear, leather goods and other textile industries.

As a company, we focus on long-term relationships and work only with a trusted, local tannery and proven suppliers. We make sure that the negative impact on the environment is minimized, and we attach importance to the proper waste management. We believe that the quality of our leathers will allow us to maintain the durability and properties of our products for a long time.